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Ageless Technologies
Address: 92220
Short Business Description: Multimedia Consultation, maintenance, upgrading.
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Stage, audio, lighting design. Stage Presence, audio tech training. Computer, web, consumer electronics troubleshooting, design, maintenance and training. Full spectrum interface design.

Business Website Address: Ageless Technologies
Business Phone Number: 951-378-0688
Front of CSL Beaumont
Address: 802 Maple Ave.
Beaumont, CA
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Short Business Description: CSL Beaumont is a full Center in Beaumont, CA.
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Sunday Meditation at 9:30am, Services at 10:00 a.m. We offer classes, workshops, community events, concerts and more. Honoring all paths to God.

Business Website Address: CSLBeaumont
Business Phone Number: 951-845-6328
Connecting with Divinity
Address: P O Box 2201
Venice, FL
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Short Business Description: CSDAAL promotes Spirituality, encourages and empowers individuals to live a joyously abundant and successful life, embracing New Thought philosophies.
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CSDAAL meets via Zoom usually the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. We focus on: expanding our understanding of God/Spirit/Source/the Universe as everywhere present in its potential and possibility and our inseparable connection with God; Universal Laws including Law of Attraction; Affirmative Prayer; the power and creative nature of our thoughts; and mind-body-Spirit connections. Dr. Carolyn is available for consultations/mentoring, prayers, oracle card readings, and speaking engagements.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 941-404-8378
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Short Business Description: Licensed Realtor in CA Lic#01463694
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Realtor to list and help you to buy Residential Real Estate

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: (213) 703-3200 & (760) 323-5836
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Soar with Grace
Address: 95713
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Short Business Description: Rev. Suzanne is an Interfaith Minister, Licensed CSL Spiritual Practitioner, Church Chaplain, Certified Quantum Life Coach, Meditation and Yoga teacher.
Rev. Suzanne brings a unique understanding of the Oneness of Life and the Joy of Living. Rev. Suzanne’s minister's heart and minister's consciousness are the backbone and the spirit of what she offers.
Long Business Description:

Rev. Suzanne is the founder of Grace Yoga Sanctuary and the creator of "The Trinity Waltz": a way to support our body, mind and spirit in this thing called Life. She offers loving Spiritual Direction, Quantum Life Coaching through virtual Zoom platform and by telephone. Whatever people are going through OR rising to - she is a supportive, compassionate friend and a guide to Good and to possibilities. She resides in northern CA in the beautiful foothills of the Sierras.
Today is a good day for a prayer, isn't it? What if your new life is just a thought away? Namaste

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 530-488-0620
Larry Hobby R.Sc.P.
Address: 12223 Highland Ave. Suite 453 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Short Business Description: Licensed professional Prayer Practitioner, Workshop Facilitator & Speaker
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“My goal as a spiritual leader and teacher is to empower people in their understand about the power within them selves.” Larry Hobby

Larry Hobby has been a student of the Science Of Mind teachings for more than 40 years. He has been a licensed Science Of Mind Practitioner since 2000 and is anchored in power of prayer and simplifying Spiritual Principles. He is known for his inspiring book study circles, engaging workshops uplifting messages through song and talks. He brings humor, wisdom and light lightheartedness to his work as a practitioner.

Larry currently serves as the narrator in the play The Key: The InnerGuide To A Higher Vibration. He is also a member of the Prayerful Heart Team, a Prayer Ministry that is offered smart phone App Stores That Support people in healing. He is available for private prayer sessions and as a guest speaker for events.

Business Phone Number: 909-641-1066
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Address: Legacy Artists
Attn: Al Yankee
1512 Bellevue Road
Redlands, CA
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Short Business Description: Legacy Artists supplies entertainment for private events, corporate/business meetings, and theatrical productions.
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Located in the Inland Empire since 1994, Legacy Artists supplies all types of entertainment, from name artists to wedding DJs. Every event is customized with attention to detail. Check out our website for a partial listing of satisfied clients, as well as some of the artists we've worked with. Legacy Artists is the producer of the New Thought Music Festival and the Science and Spirituality Lecture Series.

Business Website Address: Legacy Artists
Business Phone Number: (760) 836-1100
Science of Mind Jewelry
Address: Science of Mind Jewelry
Box 19912
Asheville, NC
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Short Business Description: Gold and silver Teaching Symbol Jewelry
Long Business Description:

Sharing spiritual jewelry that reminds us of our Oneness of Spirit and helps us reveal who we truly are.

Business Website Address: SOM Jewelry
Business Phone Number: 828 216 1422
Sandy Dell, RScP
Address: 355 Havelock Grade, Lenore, Idaho
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Short Business Description: Hi! I am your Personal Hungry Soul Technologist! ….and Certified Spiritual Practitioner (RScP) licensed through the Centers for Spiritual Living)
Long Business Description:

Even as a child, I recognized that a special spiritual path was trying to unfold before me.

Growing up Catholic in California, I originally considered becoming a nun. But as a teenager, with an expanded view, I decided to explore many other religious traditions, including time as a ‘born-again’ Christian while raising a family (two daughters and two sons) in Wisconsin.

Years later – after becoming disillusioned with the Bible-centric dogma often associated with fundamental Christianity – plus, experiencing a failed marriage within the movement, I left it all behind.

After starting a new chapter (and new marriage) in my life, and working mostly from home, I discovered New Thought principles, based on a referral from some local friends in Idaho (yes, Idaho!).

Finally, I was HOME! I found a belief system that spoke to me!

After joining the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) located in Clarkston, Washington (at the time), I jumped right into formal classes and immediately started a 6-year part-time learning track to become a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

Graduating in the summer of 2016, I spent a brief stint as Spiritual Director of that CSL Center, before answering the inner call to help people worldwide, as an “Outreach Practitioner” and a Region 8 Practitioner Representative.

Positioning myself as a “Spiritual Chef” cooking up spiritual nutrition for hungry souls and other truth seekers, I welcome you to share these teachings with me. Sign up to my newsletter and follow along for a day, a year, or a lifetime. This is where hungry souls can always get a warm, friendly spiritual meal.

Launch of my website, Spiritual Tools for Hungry Souls, represented a culmination of my lifelong spiritual journey. And I continue to grow my client base of “hungry souls” seeking HSMF spiritual “treatment” sessions. You are loved, here.

I currently reside near Orofino, Idaho, with my new and improved husband No. 2, Malcolm, where we operate multiple online enterprises in passionate niches (including “spiritual, not religious”) from our country home.

Nothing more spiritual than living surrounded by forested mountains, a view of the Clearwater River where Lewis and Clark camped, and deer, wild turkeys, and cottontails in the yard daily.

Business Phone Number: 208-790-2804
Address: 12223 Highland Ave. #453, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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Short Business Description: Online/Virtual Community Based Focus Ministry
Long Business Description:

Spiritual Enlightenment And Truth Focus Ministry is an organization composed of Visionaries In Practice (VIPs) dedicated to facilitating spiritual practices all over the planet. It includes grassroots programs based locally throughout the Inland Empire and online with classes that support people in living healthy meaningful lives. All programs are Science of Mind based. We teach practical and best practices that empower people in their daily living .

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 909-654-6303